Streams of Operation

NMC performs management projects, turnkey based projects, Market research projects, Education and training projects, Financial analysis, funding or may be numerous projects needed by the corporate and MNCs. Following is the list of kind of projects and work done :

  • Liaison officer : It is being done for the purpose of setting up a new industry or hurdle in the operation of the projects or company work.
  • Overseas market consultancy : NMS is helping and performing task for the companies who wants to work in India or the Indian companies to work out of countries. This is irrespective of the stream. Currently, working for company of Qatar, Singapore and UK.
  • Sectioning and licensing of various projects
  • Marketing research
  • Costing and Financial Analysis,
  • Project Financing
  • Franchisee Network,
  • Network Development
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Management training and assistance
  • Bio Gas, Energy Conservation, natural energy generation
  • Organizing and managing exhibition and shows domestic n abroad
  • Jobs and placement
  • Entertainment and recreation management (any type)
  • Education, schooling and colleging setting up
  • Construction and housing
  • Corporate planner the thing only done by NMC in the industry of consultancy
  • 6 Sigma Implementation & Quality Consultancy